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        With the fast development of ports, the scale of ports is under continuous expansion. Electric power is the main power resource of ports. The major power consumption goes to loading and carry machines, including: jack lift, delivering machine, load/unload machine, lighting facilities, etc. All of these are AC/DC-driven decive in which silicon control is widely used, with short-term large and constantly-changing load. Thus, it leads to the problem of reactive power compensation and elimination of harmonics. Meanwhile, the power transmission lines for portal crane and shore bridge are generally long. They are easily to be affected by distributed capacitance. During undeloading, it will cause  “carryover effect” then lead to the need of inductive reactive power in the system. 

        With the aim to provide customers with a safer, more controlable and more efficient power sysetm, Sieyuan's products and service include: HV/LV SVG, APF, GIS, Protective device, AIS switchgear, Instrument transformer,  Power capacitor, shunt reactor, earthing resistance, Multi-gas online monitoring system.

Protective Device
Instrument Transformer
Power Capacitor 
Shunt Reactor
Earthing Resistance
Multi-gas online monitoring system
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