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Municipal Engineering

  Municipal engineering belongs to the infrastructure of country ,in general, including the infrastructure of public transport, water supply, drainage, gas, urban flood control, environmental sanitation and lighting.

   Municipal building:The electrical load of these buildings include air-conditions, computers, UPS and so on, have became more complex, not only harmonics increases, but also show the characteristics of load fluctuation. Before now connected fixed capacitor bank for compensation, or contactor switching capacitor banks, but in the harmonic environment, the traditional compensation device is more difficult to adapt to the compensation requirements, and the security of compensation device will be affected because conventional capacitive compensation device will amplify harmonic compensation . 

    Theater / Gymnasium: The electrical load of these buildings include elevators, air- condition, energy-saving lamps and other common harmonic load, there are some special harmonic source like controled silicon dimming systemlarge LED equipment. The controled silicon dimming system is the mainstream dimmer on the theater stage, it is actually a single-phase AC voltage regulator control system by controlling the thyristor conduction angle to adjust the voltage. The controled silicon dimming system will generate a lot of third harmonic during operation.

    Airport: There is a problem of reactive power send back in the charging cable. the terminal,as a core architecture of modern airport, the quality of the power supply requirements are much higher than the ordinary office building, its interior has a lot of electronic office equipment, and there is important information systems, such as departures, flight management and display equipment. If equipment failure and even power outages happened due to harmonics,it will bring immeasurable loss.

    Hospital: There are very strict requirements in continuity and reliability of the power supply. In recent years, many hospitals purchased new medical equipments very quickly, such as: X-ray machines, CT, magnetic resonance, etc., all these loads have very high harmonic contents , it will form the impact of the system during the operation, and deteriorate power quality of the hospital distribution system. In order to ensure the safety of the hospital distribution system, the corresponding harmonic treatment is imperative. In China, also " National Technical Measures for Design of Civil Construction Special Edition-Energy Conservation:Electric " clearly states:the important operating rooms and intensive care unit(ICU) of the district level or above hospitals should install APFActive Power Filternear the harmonic source in the mainline of relevant distribution system.

      To make power transmission and distribution more controllable,more safer and more efficient. Siyuan Electric can provide the following products and corresponding services: GIS, protection, AIS, Instrument transformer, power capacitors, power reactors, Arc suppression coil, grounding resistance, oil chromatography, high and low voltage SVG, APF.

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