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Railway Industry

       In the recent years, the railway construction has been through a rapid development. According to the national "12th Five Year Plan", there will be thirty thousand new railway lines. The investment in High speed train networking operation is particularly lavish. Based on the national condition of China, the designing of High Speed Train control system follows the network appproach, which raises high requirement on the reliability of power resource. Sieyuan provides a wide range of integrated solutions specifically to tackle the needs in traction substation, contact line, and telecommunication fields, with the aim to contribute to the safe and reliable operation of national railway system.

      With the aim to provide customers with a safer, more controlable and more efficient power sysetm, Sieyuan's products and service include: HV/LV SVG, APF, GIS, Protective device, AIS switchgear, Instrument transformer,  Power capacitor, shunt reactor, earthing resistance, Multi-gas online monitoring system.

Protective Device
Instrument Transformer
Power Capacitor 
Shunt Reactor
Arc Suppression Coil
Earthing Resistance
Multi-gas online monitoring system
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