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Damping absorber

Tianjin Ruijiangnan substation damping absorber reforming project

Researching needs
December, 2013, Tianjin poweer supply company Ruijiangnan 220kv substation plans to reform RC-absorber in the 35kv shunt capacitor side and replace the dry damping absorber with oil-immersed damping absorber, this product has the advantage of  small volume, light weight, easy installation, effictive over-voltage adoption and safety and reliability. The manufacturers which have damping absorber production and operation experience can be counted in one's finger, and also the user proposed rigid requirements on the reforming product, after reforming, it  can satisfy that the vaccum circuit breaker can switch the 10Mvar shunt reactor and the over-voltage must be limited.

Program selection
After receving the user's requirement, sieyuan power capacility leaders attach great importance to this project, actively coordinate all departments to rsearch and communicate with the user and design institute. Eventuall, we determined the program and select two types: TZR-40.5-10/0.3-AW of  damping absorber. We complete the assembly ahead of time and transport in one unit. This saves the installation time in the site and support the user's work.

Production performance
In the transmission process 22, May, 2014, our products are put into operation successfully. Displayed by the user's measure record, our products withstand the short time currnet and high voltage impulse, the capality didn't attenuate and absorb the over voltage effictively and ensure the safe operation of the substation and reduce the loss and extend the life of the shunt reactor and the vaccum contactors.

Comment recevied
In this project, sieyuan capacility product's running perfectly bring customers benefits and ensure the reliable operation of the substation. The users are very satisfied with our prouct performance and promote our product in Tianjin and north China.
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