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Special report

The Middle East Electric Power Exhibition shines the international strategy into the fast lane
On March 1, Dubai was sunny and warm with mild air. In World Trade Center, "Middle East Electricity (MEE) 2016" (hereinafter referred to as "Middle East Power Exhibition" ), with the reputation of "one of the world's five major industrial activities", was grandly opened. Chairman Mr. Dong Zengping headed a delegation to attend this event. Sieyuan exhibited its 220kV GIS, reactor, capacitor, GIS Pt and other star products on this international electricity exhibition, yielding unusually brilliant results. A continuous stream of visitors came to Sieyuan booth, showing strong interest in Sieyuan's products.
Sieyuan booth reveals the international brand image, full of shock, and particularly remarkable. Sieyuan's exhibits have attracted the attention of customers in many industries, and many customers stop here. Typical physical products and detailed posters catch the eyes of visitors. With the introduction by the marketing personnel, customers have an in-depth understanding of Sieyuan's products, image and strength. Visitors from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Egypt and other countries express strong interest in Sieyuan's products, and constantly inquire about the technical parameters and application cases, reaching a number of cooperation intentions.
Chairman Mr. Dong Zengping introduced in person to customers about the products and committed to customers: "Sieyuan will provide very competitive and innovative solutions to meet the growth in demand for large-scale projects in the Middle East." The attendance of the Chairman reflected Sieyuan’s emphasis on the overseas market and the Middle East market, greatly encouraging the overseas marketing team and adding confidence to win in the Middle East. Sieyuan's participation in this exhibition has also strengthened the trust of old and new customers on Sieyuan brand, greatly promoting Sieyuan to open up markets in the Middle East.
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